Rekico college

Rekico has always regarded Quality as its company Mission. To achieve this goal, an excellent product alone is not enough; its quality needs to be accompanied by atmosphere, service and courtesy – in a word, the work of a skilled "barista".

Concentrating on this key role, Rekico has invested in training and established the Rekico College: a training centre where coffee bar operators can improve their skills and keep up to date with the latest trends, thus creating a strong bond with their end customers.

The Rekico College training facilities are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most up to date instruction in both the theory and practice of how to make espresso and cappuccino, according to the Italian tradition.

1° Level

The secrets of the coffee-bar

From beans to espresso: the coffee supply chain in theory and practice. Learning to know Arabica and Robusta coffees. Preparation of the perfect espresso. Practical coffee-making exercises using professional machines and grinder-dosers. Adjustment of grinders using the ring. Types of machines and their use. The steam wand. Service in the coffee-bar.


How to prepare and recognise an espresso. Learning the best method for making coffee in the bar, to optimally satisfy customers with competence and professionalism.

2° Level

Art in the coffee bar

Becoming artists of the bar counter. "Painting" pictures and drawings on coffees and cappuccinos, through the techniques of milk art, choco-art and coffee painting. The training covers everything from milk frothing techniques to the creation of decorative products, to the preparation of beverages embellished with hearts, apples, flowers, leaves, stars and many other designs.


To offer customers a product of high image and quality, enhanced through the use of the main decoration techniques.

3° Level

New trends in the coffee bar

The latest beverage trends in the coffee-bar. How to make coffee-based mixed drinks and serve them with a novel presentation. The ingredients, techniques, and glasses. Practical drink preparation exercises using shakers, blenders, and mixers. Hot and cold frothing techniques.


To boost coffee sales by also offering it as an alternative drink thanks to novel recipes.